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Rollers for Steel Industry

We manufacture a wide variety of Rollers for Steel Industry. Using Ultra-modern & latest machinery, we manufacture rubberized Rollers for Cold Rolled Steel & Continuous Galvanizing Line. We are the largest suppliers of rubber coated rollers to Jindal, Hissar produced at our Unit in Neemrana, Rajasthan. We are producing very specialized rollers for steel industry and supplying to JINDAL HISSAR. As per our best knowledge there is no other company which provides such critical application rollers in north India. After being satisfied with the performance of our rollers which were supplied to these customers we have decided to enter other steel industries located in different part of the country who require high quality products.
The Steel Rollers manufactured by us has the following USP:-
  • Have developed compound for high speed to heavy load application.
  • We manufacture Rollers exactly as per sample, specification and drawings provided.
  • All operation of Roller manufacturing is done in one Roof thereby ensuring Quality control and timely delivery.
  • Capable of manufacturing Roller upto Dia 1.6 mtr Length 8 mtr and weight 30 tons.
  • Our Roller coverings are designed to offer increased service life, fewer roller changes and minimal maintenance when compared to other alternatives.

We are manufacturers of high quality rubber roller mainly for critical application and use different types of polymer like HYPALONE, VITON, NBR, HNBR, NBR PVC, CSM (NEOPRENE), NATURAL AND SILICON.
Zenith Rolls undergo from more than 25 quality testing Equipments as per requirement. ( For detail refer to Our Product >> Compound)

Services we offer
  • New core design & fabrication
  • Rubber Covering
  • Crowning
  • Grooving
  • Regringing
  • Core Repair
  • Ultrasonic test & Balancing
  • Engineering service
  • Extensive Support

We have manufactured roller upto following sizes :
  • Length : 8000mm
  • Dia : 2000mm
  • Weight : Upto 30 tonne
We manufacture more than 100 new rollers per month. And the Roller size accuracy upto 5 microns is maintained. Shore hardness of Rubber & run out standards are properly adhered to for each & every roller.

Roller for Steel Industry
We manufacture roller as per Client requirement, rest of it we also manufacturer these rollers
  Squeeze Roll
  Steering Roll
  Deflector Roll
  Idle Roll
  Dryer Roll
  Earth Roll
  Vertical Accumulator Roll (Entry)
  Vertical Accumulator Roll (Exit)
  Snubber Roll
  Pinch Roll
  Briddle Roll
  Oiler Roll
  Guide Roll
  Flattener Roll
  Support Roll
  Cabinet Roll
  Elevator Roll
  Sinker Roll